Robotech inspired chairs

Some quick sketches of some chairs I’ve been thinking about. Drawn with pen and crayons.



Last night I had an animated dream that I was participating in a Robotech mission. My uniform was beautiful and I was in love with the blonde babe Roy in the picture above. I love this show so much.

Snakes and strawberry cake

Brett almost picked up a coral snake instead of an egg during the easter egg hunt.

My mom made the ugliest cake ever but it tasted good.

Cuba on the brain

Lately I’ve been drawn towards spanish colonial furniture instead of more modern styles. I have also been thinking a lot about Cuba. Photos by Michael Eastman


This bands music has everything I could ever ask for.

Tuxedo Mask

I found my Sailor Moon wallet from junior high tonight. I had forgotten how much a babe Tuxedo Mask is.