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This brought me to tears.


RepRap Prusa Mendel

This is my fall project I’ll be working on for the next 3-6 mos. I purchased some of the parts today and I think I found someone in Austin to print the plastic parts for me.


I thought this video was going to be lame but I actually love it so much.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately as to why I lived in Utah for so long and how I became so numb and forgot what it was like to really live life. How in the world did I work at home depot for 6 years?

song to start the summer

eerie eerie.

My friend Eric has the same favorite couch that I lugged around for years in provo. It was such an eerie night. Bike rides though a never ending cemetery. Eating delicious tacos from a mysterious window by a corner store. Everything being strangely quiet like how it sounds outside when there is a lot of snow. The familiar discomfort of that couch. I still can’t shake this feeling.



Texans love Ron Paul

I’ve been driving back and forth from Austin and Houston quite a bit seeing so many Ron Paul signs on farms. I looked up his recent debate clips and was pleasantly surprised by a few things I heard. Do I kinda love Ron Paul?

Mies Van Der Rohe

Sometimes I feel really guilty for owning a copy of  a barcelona chair. It’s still extremely comfortable but lacks all the special details from the original.